The Global Classroom Project was co-founded in March 2011 by two teachers living on opposite sides of the world – Deb Frazier (Ohio, USA), and Michael Graffin (Perth, Western Australia). We have never met face-to-face.


Since expanding the scope of the project in June 2011, The Global Classroom Project has become a vibrant online collaborative community and global education network, helping to empower teachers and students around the world to explore new ways to connect, share, learn and collaborate globally.
We provide K-12 teachers with a global platform to find international connections and global learning opportunities, and play a vital role in supporting the growth and development of new global projects. One of these projects, The Travelling Rhino Project, went on to win the ISTE Online Learning Award in 2014.

You are warmly invited to explore our past and present projects, and are always welcome to join our collaboration spaces and projects.

Past Projects
Global Classroom 2011
Global Classroom 2011-12
Global Classroom 2012-13
Global Classroom 2013-14