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The One and Only Ivan Global PBL Project

(Original Project Creators – Heidi Hutchison, Andy Hanes and John Scott)

Welcome! My name is Sheila Spaccia and I am a 6th grade teacher at Albert Einstein Academy Elementary in Southern California. I am a part of a STEAM school and I was looking for a Global PBL to do with my students when I came across this Wiki Page. I was inspired by this project and I contacted Heidi Hutchison, the original project creator and coordinator, and to my great joy and surprise she emailed me back right away and graciously helped to reopen this project to our students and the world. I am excited to travel through this journey with any teacher who might like to join this project. Please look below to find our email addresses. I would like to help Heidi develop the final phase of this project by creating a shared book with different classes around the world to help raise money to support the World Wildlife Fund. If anyone has any ideas on how to push this final project further into the limelight, please contact me.

For my class project, I have kept the original guiding question, "Do we have a right to capture/cage wild animals?" I also wanted to personalize the final project to meet the needs of my 6th graders and so I have slightly changed the final product for my group. Please see the links below for my project directions and the rubric. Please view the links further down the page to see the original project guidelines.

Hi. My name is Tammy Massman. I'm the third grade teacher at Northeast Hamilton in Blairsburg, Iowa. I read The One and Only Ivan with my class during the Global Read Aloud in 2012. It's an amazing story that led to many deep discussions. Last year, I stumbled on Heidi's project. I read the book to my third graders, but ran out of time to get our pages done. I was so excited when Sheila contacted me, because I love the story of Ivan and I get another chance to participate in this amazing PBL. Come join us on our journey! I look forward to making a connection with you.

Please contact me or Tammy Massman if you are interested in joining this project.

~ Sheila Spaccia

Project Coordinators 2014-2015: Sheila Spaccia and Tammy Massman

Project Goals:
Students will read the book, __The One and Only Ivan__by Katherine Applegate.
Students will engage in self directed learning by researching the question, “Do we have the right to capture and cage animals?”
Students will engage in a project that employs and builds their empathetic skills.
Students will collaborate and communicate with each other, and with students from cultures around the world.
Students will create one book together by answering the question, “Do we have the right to capture and cage animals?
Students will decide as a global community which wildlife organization they will donate all proceeds made by the sale of the book.

Duration: October 2014 through March 2015. (All additions to our book must be submitted by March 2015.)

Targeted Grade Levels/Age Groups:Ages 8 and up.

How This Project Works:
This project is an attempt to complete a global project based learning project. All students will read the book, __The One and Only Ivan__ and also answer the driving question: Do we have the right to capture and cage animals? Teachers have the choice to present and complete the rest of the project as they see fit but will be provided with all resources in order to facilitate it.
The “__8 Essentials of PBL__” presented by Bucks Institute of Education will be utilized by the facilitating teachers, Sheila Spaccia and Tammy Massman, and serve as resources for those who want to use them.

Participants may teach this project as they see fit as long as:
1. The driving question, “Do we have the right to capture and cage animals?” is used while reading the book, The One and Only Ivan
2. The class contributes to our collaborative book in some way.
3. They take part in helping to decide which charity money made by the book goes to.

How to Join:
1. Please add your information to our__Google Doc__ so that we may collaborate and communicate.
2. Please be open, honest, patient and kind in communicating and collaborating in order to make this project as successful as it can be!
3. Request Membership to this project.

Project Resources:

I began The One and Only Ivan by listening to Katherine Applegate talk about the book and also by showing the book trailer. We are currently as of 10/1/13, still reading the book. I am torn whether to finish reading the book and then continue researching the driving question ("Do we have the right to capture and cage animals?") or to read a little, and then research a little. I would love to hear any thoughts, so please feel free to email me!

: This letter is the first thing I gave students to start the project.

: Ask your own class what they need to know first in order to answer the driving question.

: Students chose what question they wanted to find out more about and then used the sheet to record notes.

MentorMob list of Animal Resources Besides books, students can use this MentorMob list of animal resources to find out more!

National Geographic: Joel Sartore: Capturing Endangered Species

Baby Elephant Smuggling Exposed


(Make a Google Doc to list your progress if you want!)

Mrs. Spaccia's Google Document

Mrs. Rathbun's Google Document

Mrs. Bodo's Google Classroom


1. Connecting with Others Google Document

2. Use of Technology Google Document

3. Final Product Vision Google Document

4. Animal Fact and Opinion Quilt Assignment Instructions- Google Document

5. Poetry Writing Instructions Google Document

6. Music Video Project Instructions Google Document

7. Music Video Rubric Google Document

For further information
Direct Message __@SheilaSpaccia_ @TammyMassmanor or email us directly at: __sheila.spaccia@ealas.org or tamarajosephina@gmail.com

Please also visit: __http://app.fluency21.com/unit-plans/8046-do-we-have-the-right/main-details__