This project is designed to explore the Fibonacci Number Sequence and how it relates to proportion, the human body, and art. To accomplish this, you will be reading, watching videos, taking measurements, and using photography. Have fun and be creative! :)

Here, Arthur Benjamin gives a great introduction to the Fibonacci Numbers.
  • Read Golden Ratio in Logo Designs.
  • Watch the tutorial: Fibonacci Photography to learn about taking pictures using mathematical compositions
  • Download the app: Camera Awesome on your iPad or on your smartphone.
  • Take and post a picture to the Global Project Wikispaceusing the Fibonacci Spiral as a guide.
  • Describe your picture and location of the picture underneath the picture
    • Remember to name your images/files so they don't save over existing images on your wiki. This is easiest if you do it from a computer.
    • In the Questions and Comments Section: comment or create questions related to the photographs, be sure to add where you are from