Project Name:

2015 Kidwish Global Exchange

Website (url or blog address):


Project Description:

The Kidwish Project links students from around the world by allowing kids to share wishes for the upcoming year. Participating classes will be paired together. In December classes will exchange holiday cards sharing student wishes for a better world in 2015 and an actions they will take to make those wishes come true. In January, participating classrooms will schedule calls to meet their partners face to face through Skype or Google Hangout.

Target Grade Levels:


How will students communicate with each other, and share their learning in this project?

Stage 1 - Greeting card exchange via snail mail

Stage 2 - Videoconferencing

Project Duration:

December 15- January 31

Handshake Activity:

Teachers will be introduced to each other through email. From there they will help students "break the ice" by creating holiday greeting cards for each other.

Guiding Question/Theme:

How can we empower students to take action to make the world better?

Project Goals:

  • Build friendships among students from diverse backgrounds
  • Practice speaking and listening skills with audiences of different perspectives
  • Empower students to affect positive change in the world

How we will measure student contribution:

Each student will make at least one holiday greeting card explaining their wish for a better world in 2015 and an action they will take to make that wish come true.

How we will assess students:

Participation is all we are expecting from students.

How we will celebrate students' success and foster self-reflection:

Teachers and students are encouraged to tweet out successes using #kidwish and to email photos, videos, and digital creations to the project organizers for promotion on the project page.

Additional Information: (How to join, contact information, etc…)

Michael Soskil

Wallenpaupack South Elementary School, Newfoundland, PA, USA