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Welcome to Revolutions 101!
(Project creators: Heidi Hutchison)

This project based learning unit was created in order to help students learn not only the American Revolution, but about revolutions past and present from around the world. We would love our students to join with other students to learn about what revolution is, why revolution happens, and how it impacts our society. We want our students to connect with other students and classrooms to share their voices and learn together.

Our driving question is: How can we, as investigative journalists, create an online magazine to help others learn about revolution?

We have created only a beginning of an online magazine where we would love for classrooms to join and post their students' writing. We will list your classroom by school, city, or country. You can email us separately through the site "Contact Form" to let us know if you prefer only to be listed by city or country.

Please visit Steps to our PBL to find out how we are completing our project. We would love to hear your thoughts and share ideas.

Again, here is the link to our online magazine site where students posts will be published:

And finally, if you would like to participate in our project, please visit and add your information to our Google doc. In order to have students' work published, you will need to join the project and email your students' work as a Word Doc or Google Doc to one of the Project creators at the top of this page.


Assessment Resources for PBL:

For my friends who need Common Core assessments: