Project Name:

Sunny Thoughts in Action


Project Description:

The Sunny Thoughts in Action Global Project is the "sequel" to the very successful "The Sunny Thought Project" created a few years ago to encourage students to develop gratitude for the small things in life. It comes as no surprise that, irrespective of origin, age, nationality or gender common causes of well-being appeared among students: family, friends, pets, music, favourite pastimes....
The new project, Sunny Thoughts in Action, will focus on the practical application of positive thinking.
Students will be guided to develop gratitude for the small things in life, empathy towards others and an active attitude to help others in need.

Target Grade Levels:

All ages

How will students communicate with each other, and share their learning in this project?

We want to make this a very interactive project. Getting to know each other personally is essential for students to establish global connections. For this reason, two ways of sharing have been established:
1. The Project wiki, where students and/or classes will upload their stories in any form they wish (podcasts, drawings, presentations, stories, comic strips)
2. A final project video.

Project Duration:

November 2014-April 2015

Handshake Activity:

A canvas, where classes or students can share a photo and a short greeting, introducing themselves.

Guiding Question/Theme:

How can we help ourselves and others become and remain positive?

Project Goals:

Students involved in Sunny Thoughts in Action Global Project will:
-Become aware of other people's feelings and develop empathy
-Discuss personal strategies to overcome negative feelings/difficulties
-Discuss how helping others can make not only the receiver but also the giver a happier person
-Share personal stories and learn from others
-Realise the benefits of gratitude
-Learn to show gratitude

How we will measure student contribution:

All students, irrespective of age are welcome to share one or more stories.

How we will assess students:

A full contribution needs to contain some kind of visual and be realised using an online tool. Contributions need to stay focused on the subject of helping others overcome problems.

How we will celebrate students' success and foster self-reflection:

The final video will be an effective way to celebrate our common effort and further discuss global attitudes to giving and sharing.

Additional Information:

For information and assistance please contact the project moderator

Effie Kyrikakis

Twitter: @WinnersSchools

Skype: ekyrikakis

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